Attorneys Serving the Livonia Community and Beyond


Established in 1962, the Livonia Bar Association is a nonprofit organization of attorneys in the Livonia, MI area whose mission is to:

  • Provide expert legal services to the Livonia community and Metro Detroit in a wide variety of practice areas
  • Promote the ongoing education of our members concerning substantive law questions as well as the nuts and bolts of law practice, by engaging guest speakers, and establishing a mentor match program for those new to a practice area
  • Develop a strong relationship with the local judiciary by inviting judges as members, speakers, and guests at "Meet the Judges" night.
  • Promote justice by providing members with an opportunity to participate in pro bono and public outreach activities.

To find a local attorney who can meet your legal needs, simply click one of the practice areas below and you will be directed to a page of dedicated professionals.